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Kids Need Kiwanis

"Lead so a child may follow"


"The Kiwanis Club of Vista Montego Bay seeks to create opportunities for children by way of service in our community through targeted projects and activities. We will furnish children with the resources needed to improve their quality of life, foster their growth, and nurture their development, hereby molding them into upstanding citizens and future leaders while working together as a team."

Featured Projects

The Kids YouTube  Video Contest will run from October 26th to December 5th, 2020. Click here to submit your ENTRY FORM.

Email your commitment to We will share your student's deals. 


The Kiwanis Club of Vista Montego Bay was established in May 2018 within Vistaprints's Montego Bay office. It is the first club formed within a corporate brand. Through our uniqueness, we seek to overcome the challenges facing the communities within the city of Montego Bay through collaboration, technology, and a formidable community spirit. We are committed to our mission to grow and develop the youths within and around the city of Montego Bay, while providing them with the tools necessary to make them future leaders.

Why do we do this?

Every Kiwanis club around the world—and there are more than 8,300 adult clubs—does something to help a child. Why? Because too many children don’t have the opportunity to thrive, prosper and grow. That’s why kids need Kiwanis.

Kiwanis needs you, here in the city of Montego Bay, we are embarking on projects and events that will bring value to you as you volunteer and enrich the lives of the children and people you come in contact with.

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