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"Giving blood, Saves Lives!"

Kiwanis International One Day Initiative

The gift of life sometimes is taken for granted by those of us who are healthy. For the families of persons seeking blood transfusion, it is a painful movie they get to watch in slow motion.

That why this year as a part of Kiwanis International's One Day Initiative, being proactive, The Kiwanis Clubs of Vista Montego Bay and Freeport Montego Bay partnered with the blood bank for a one-day blood drive.

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, NBTS Blood Donor Organiser, Igol Allen explained that many persons are unaware of the importance of donating blood outside of periods of emergency.

“People will give when someone is sick, particularly when it is a loved one or someone connected with family or friends and once there is a need we mobilize the system to attend to the situation,” he explained.

He noted, however, that it is important to donate consistently in order to sustain the system.

“The shelf-life of blood is 35 days so we need a constant supply of donors of blood and blood products such as plasma and platelets to ensure that we always have supplies,”

We need only two percent of the population to give blood annually to be able to meet our local demand for the precious commodity,”

As a part of the international one-day initiative. We partnered with the blood bank and the KCOFM for a one-day blood drive. This was held in the car park of the Fairview shopping complex on October 27th, 2018.

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